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Dental Implants vs Bridgework

August 16, 2016

Modern dentistry has advanced immensely and the use of dentures and bridges is regularly being replaced by dental implants. Replacing damaged or missing teeth is important, and every day we are educating our clients about the benefits of implants. Here are the answers to our patient’s most common questions.

What is a dental implant?

Dental implants are simply replacement teeth with the feel and function of natural teeth.

Are implants better than bridges?

With advances in modern dentistry, implants are quickly taking the place of dentures and bridges for several reasons:

·         Implants last a lifetime

·         Implants do not compromise the health of surrounding teeth

·         Implants are brushed, flossed and maintained exactly like existing teeth

More importantly, implants preserve the natural bone in your jaw. The titanium posts encourage bone growth, while the lack of a tooth root can cause the jaw bone to deteriorate or even disappear. When the jawbone is not stimulated by organic roots or titanium screws, facial collapse can occur altering your physical appearance.

I’ve heard implants are expensive. Are they really the best value?

Initial costs of dental implants can be higher upfront expenditure when compared to dental bridges, which leads many patients into believing bridges are more cost effective. However, unlike bridges, implants rarely need to be replaced and are more likely to lead to overall oral health. Therefore, in the long-term dental implants are more cost effective.

How long does it take? What does it involve? Will it hurt?

Implants generally take anywhere from one day to 3-5 months from start to finish, it all depends on the individual case and current health of supporting bones. The procedure is performed in office under a local anesthesia. Minor swelling and pain lasting a day or two can be expected but most patients report the procedure as much easier and less painful than anticipated. In case of patients who don’t have enough bones to support an implant, our doctors will do bone graft procedure that adds sufficient bones to structure. In these cases, you may have to wait 3-4 months before an implant can be placed. The hardest part is waiting for your titanium post to meld with the jawbone! During the interim, we will install a temporary crown to preserve your smile.

Can my Dentist place an implant?

It takes a dental team to assess and plan dental implant placement and the fabrication of the visible crowns, bridgework or dentures that may attach atop the titanium replacement root. At Provident Dentistry, our team of doctors have significant experience performing simple and complex implants surgeries. Dr. Saloni Sharma and Dr. Gregory Young are our implant specialists and they will be happy to do a complimentary consultation to assess whether you may be a good candidate for implants.

What are the risks?

Dental implants have the highest success rate of any implanted surgical device. Over 96% of all properly performed and assessed implants achieve the desired results without any side effects. Problems are rare, but the risks include temporary or permanent nerve damage in the jaw, infection at the implant site or rejection of the implant in the jawbone.

What are my financing options for Dental Implants?

Some insurance plans DO cover dental implants, however most dental plans have limited annual benefit at $1,000 or $1,500. We also offer several no-interest financing options, including CareCredit and Lending Club.

When your implant is complete, your replacement teeth will have the same look and feel as your natural teeth. Benefits will range from a seamless smile, improved speech quality, an ability to reintroduce hard or sticky foods into your diet, improvement in your overall oral and general health, and even boosting your self-esteem! Dental implants have been in use for over 40 years and have been proven to be safe, cost effective and worthwhile to our patients. Call us today to arrange a consultation.