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Summer Dental Health Tips

April 18, 2017

Summer is approaching, all the signs are there: temperatures are rising, Michigan summertime destinations like Mackinac Island and Traverse City are about to be bustling, and graduation ceremonies are happening. It’s so close that picturing yourself relaxing on a beach or camping somewhere comes easy. You’re ready for summer, you’re ready for fun; but are your teeth ready?

As always, your health remains important during the summer. Most people likely think about profusely applying sunscreen as a healthy summertime habit, but let’s also focus on sustaining strong dental habits throughout these warm months. For those with families, enforcing good dental behaviors could be a little more challenging – but we have some ideas for you!

The kids are out of school and around the household more often, which creates a snacking proliferation. This makes stocking a healthy kitchen a critical aspect to maintaining oral health. Solely trying to limit snacking can be a losing battle among children expending loads of energy. They’ll need to refuel to keep playing so have fresh veggies and fruits available. It’s better for your kids’ little hands to be reaching for strawberries and watermelon than chips or candy.

If your family is on the move this summer, whether you’re exploring the state’s beautiful beaches or peaceful “Up North”, ensure you are adequately prepared with bathroom supplies to bring along with you. Stocking up on travel-sized toothbrushes and toothpaste is a good idea – just because you are camping doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be brushing twice a day and flossing still.

Summertime is also pool time, which while fun, can cause dental emergencies when not cautious. There’s a reason the lifeguards shout “no running” when you’re moving a little too rapidly on the pool deck. Slippery surfaces have a knack for sending you to the ground, and depending on how you fall it can elicit some real damage to your mouth and cause chipped teeth or bust them. Remind your kids to walk, and not run while at the pool.

A barbecue is a summertime staple. Prevalent at these food-centric outings however are numerous items that are poor for your teeth. Most notably, that fizzy stuff your kids probably love to crack open: soda pop. Water isn’t solely important for staying hydrated on a hot summer day, but also vital for oral health. Regular consumption of acidic soda increases the chance of dental decay and enamel erosion. Drink more water: it behooves your entire health.

People have a way of getting lost in the summertime celebrations. The season can disrupt the routines we established over the previous months. Continue to take care of yourself, and your smile, this summer season – and encourage your children to do the same. Set that example, and provide them the motivation and utilities they need.

Perhaps the best thing to do? Visit the dentist at the start of the season to receive a clean bill of health going into summer. Contact us today to make an appointment! Provident Dentistry would love to see you this summer season.

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