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Thanksgiving Teeth Tips


Gobble, gobble, gobble – it’s time to gather around the Thanksgiving table with our loved ones and express our gratitude over delicious food. Hopefully, something you are grateful for is a set of sparkling white and healthy teeth!


And if you’re aiming to keep your teeth healthy while enjoying the cornucopia of deliciousness that rests on the table in front of you, we have good news: there are plenty of popular Thanksgiving plates that are good for your oral health.


Let’s start with the star of the Thanksgiving meal:

  • Turkey-dental benefits derive from its robust source of protein. In protein, there’s phosphorus, which is a plentiful mineral that helps your body filter waste and repair tissue and cells. When combined with vitamin D and calcium, it helps keep your teeth healthy and strong.
  • Cheese-great for teeth, as it contains the strength-building calcium that our teeth crave.
  • Yams-while many yams recipes call for marshmallows – which can be detrimental to teeth due to its stickiness and proclivity to linger in your mouth long after eating – there are some benefits for your mouth to extract. Sweet potatoes are rich in Vitamins A and C, which help keep gums healthy. It’s recommended to drink water as you eat yams and enjoy in moderation.

What’s Thanksgiving without dessert? Now this is a tricky area, as many desserts comprise an onslaught of sugar that could cause damage to your teeth. However, with a dessert like pumpkin pie, it offers vitamin A, which keeps gums healthy and helps build strong enamel. If you consume pumpkin pie (and who wouldn’t want to!?), do so shortly after the meal to keep saliva flowing, which helps wash away leftover food.


Fully enjoying Thanksgiving doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice oral health. Much of the food you’ll likely eat will have its benefits, and if you make sure to continue drinking water, which helps clean your mouth as you eat, you’ll make it through the marathon eating session without anything detrimental occurring. We also recommend bringing some floss along with you to give your teeth a nice flossing at the end of the eventful day.


Happy Thanksgiving!