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Exceptional Service Delivered with a Smile!
Preventive Services – Your Gums Rule!

Healthy Gums Lead to a Healthy Body! Our Hygiene Team helps your keep those healthy gums.

Conversely, bad gums can contribute to many crippling diseases including heart disease and alzheimer’s! In our practice, our goal is to keep you in optimal oral health and minimize chance of developing gum disease. You want to keep your own teeth for a very long time – right!

  • Routine Cleaning and Exam twice a year minimizes your risk

  • High-risk perio patients may require 3 –4 visits each year

  • We train you how to properly care for your mouth daily at home

Please don’t ignore that phone call from Debbie when it’s time to get in the hygiene schedule! She knows how to find you and you know that this is part of your commitment to your health. Let’s keep our promises to each other!

Restorative Services – Do I hear Crowns?

Fillings – poreclain or amalgam. We rarely do amalgams.

You should not lose a tooth, not if it can be saved! Our primary goal is to restore your natural teeth, using the most sophisticated technology and material available. However, sometime this is just not an option. Fortunately, you are in most capable hands when it comes to restoring your current teeth or replacing your teeth. 

We invest lot of time and resources in keeping our skill top-notch to serve you better in each category. Come to take a visit to our facility and witness first-hand what a world-class dentistry should look like.

Cosmetic Services – I want that Hollywood Smile!

Ok, may be that’s a bit ambitious but who does not want to look their best? Did you know that after your eyes, your teeth are the next body part that someone looks at – still you spend all that time and money fixing or worrying about your hair! Let’s get you to a happy place where your smile locks the gaze right there! j

  • Whitening

  • Veneers

  • Invisalign

  • Full-mouth reconstruction

Bring a picture of a Hollywood star and we will try to match your smile! Just kidding!

Sleep Apnea Treatment with Oral Appliance (TAP)

Have you been diagnosed with sleep apnea through sleep study? Are you intolerant to CPAP device? Or, you think you may have snoring problem that is impacting quality of your life? Dental TAP appliances are better alternative to people who can not use CPAP device. We provide complete sleep apnea solution within our practice: Read More Here

  • We can refer you for a sleep study, normally covered by medical insurance.

  • We can fabricate a TAP oral appliance that you can use each night

  • Cost is typically covered by ‘medical’ insurance, you save your dental benefits dollars for dental treatment.

Talk to Debbie, our hygiene coordinator, how TAP appliance has changed her life!