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Celebrating Kim’s 20-Year Work Anniversary!

This week we celebrated a very special work anniversary; Kim reached her 20th year with Provident Dentistry! Kim has been in the dental industry for 39 years, and was introduced to dentistry in high school when she began chair-side dental assisting. Having an interest in technological advancements, she earned her certificate in Radiology and CEREC […]

Update on 2022 Donation Drives

WOW! Thank you! Our ‘Toys for Tots’ and ‘I Heart Dogs’ donation drives have officially come to an end and we just want to express our gratitude for all of the generous contributions made by our wonderful patients and team. Together we collected many items to donate to those in need, and can surely say […]

Upcoming Holiday Donation Drives

At Provident Dentistry, we pride ourselves on community involvement that extends beyond the walls of our practice. In this 2022 season of giving, our offices are supporting two non-profit organizations and we hope that you will help us in our efforts. Provident Dentistry at Canton Park will be collecting new and unwrapped toys now through […]

Tail Waggers Donation Drive

Throughout the months of December and January we collected donations for Tail Waggers Wellness Center and Pantry 4 Paws in Livonia. We asked for a number of items and our patients and staff surely delivered! When the founder of the organization stopped by to pick up the donations she was truly overwhelmed and grateful for […]

How Covid-19 is Creating Havoc with Oral Health!

A large number of our patients delayed their office visits during pandemic, which only made them more susceptible to Covid infection and may prolong a full recovery. Numerous research articles, reports and patient stories are establishing direct relationship between your oral health and Covid-19 in two ways: 1) Poor oral health can make severity of […]


Choosing the right toothpaste can be difficult, so we’re here to help you! With so many options available at the store, how can you tell what to look for? Read on to find out how you can make the right choice for your smile. If you don’t have any major oral condition like periodontic disease, […]

Are You Suffering From Dry Mouth?

Are you suffering from Dry Mouth? Also known as Xerostomia, Dry Mouth can increase your risk of cavities – so you want to take care of it as soon as you can! Your saliva is an important factor in cavity prevention. Saliva is protective, it helps remineralize the teeth, flush the plaque away. So you […]

Let’s talk Fluoride

Did you know that Fluoride is the 13th most abundant mineral in Earth’s crust? As a result, fluoride is present in most fresh and salt water sources, can be found naturally in the soil, in vegetables, and in animals. Researchers as far back as the 1800s established a correlation between people who drank water with […]

Tonight – April 26, 2021 – Pink Supermoon

Tonight we will see a “Supermoon” in the sky. The full moon will appear at about 11:33pm according to the Farmer’s Almanac. Disappointingly, it will not actually be pink, despite its name, but it will be huge! It is called the Pink Moon because it comes during the flower sprouting season and it is called […]

Smile Makeover – Watch the Transformation

“It makes a huge difference, it really does. I didn’t even want to go to the gas station by my house to get anything because I didn’t want the cashier to see me.” THE MAKEOVER Last year, before the COVID-19 pandemic, we asked patients to submit stories of loved ones who needed a smile makeover. […]