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Smile Makeover – Watch the Transformation

Contributed by: Elbert Allen

“It makes a huge difference, it really does. I didn’t even want to go to the gas station by my house to get anything because I didn’t want the cashier to see me.”


Last year, before the COVID-19 pandemic, we asked patients to submit stories of loved ones who needed a smile makeover. Valarie Logan, a 35 year old woman, has been putting all her energy into taking care of her grandfather after a massive stroke as well as her two kids. Years of smoking and drinking sugary soda left her teeth in bad shape. Not having insurance, she couldn’t afford to visit the dentist, only making her teeth worse. As a result, she was very self-conscious of her smile. Valarie’s sister submitted her touching story.

Our doctors, hygienists and dental staff volunteered their time to help give Valarie the smile that she deserves. Prior to her procedure, she was in a lot of pain, she was self-conscious about her smile and she was unable to eat certain foods without effort and pain. After doing a full examination, Dr. Sharma decided that the best option would be to pull all her teeth and replace them with a full set of dentures. Valarie had several infected teeth and in order to save them, would have required multiple root canals. To spare her the pain and to guarantee a beautiful smile we agreed that dentures would be best.

“Mostly I just want to learn how to take care of my mouth the right way. Show other people how bad it can get and how important it is to take care of your mouth,” Valarie said in our initial interview before setting her up with an appointment.


The end result? “Now I don’t have any more pain at all. It was so worth it.” Wiping a tear from her eye she added, “I’m just very, very grateful.”

If you’re like Valarie, you might not realize the effects that our habits have on our teeth until it’s too late. Sugary drinks and foods, smoking and infrequent dental visits can be very damaging. Make sure you’re brushing and flossing your teeth everyday, keep the sweets to a minimum and schedule regular visits with your dentist. You don’t have to live in pain, we’re here to help you feel confident!