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Let’s talk Fluoride

Contributed by: Elbert Allen

Did you know that Fluoride is the 13th most abundant mineral in Earth’s crust? As a result, fluoride is present in most fresh and salt water sources, can be found naturally in the soil, in vegetables, and in animals. Researchers as far back as the 1800s established a correlation between people who drank water with higher amounts of fluoride and a decrease in tooth decay. In 1940, fluoride was introduced into the dentistry profession and not long after that Grand Rapids, MI became the first city to put fluoride in the drinking water. After 5 years it was determined that residents of Grand Rapids had significantly fewer cavities than those from other areas. Soon, other cities around Michigan adopted the practice. Today, almost every major city in the US uses a fluoride treatment in the drinking water. The CDC has declared this practice one of the greatest public health achievements of the 20th century.

In addition to the drinking water, you can also find fluoride in most toothpaste, some mouthwash, and at your local dentist office. At Provident, we provide fluoride treatments for our patients in the form of a topical varnish that we apply to your teeth. The bones absorb the fluoride and the mineral strengthens the enamel, giving your teeth greater defense against decay. We recommend providing fluoride to children under the age of 18 because they tend to eat more sweets, and are still developing good brushing habits.

Ask your dentist about receiving a fluoride treatment on your next visit and we’ll help you develop strong, confident smiles. Call today!