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Ten (10) Ways to Improve Your Smile!

Contributed by: Dr. Saloni Sharma DDS, Renae RDH

Do you know what people notice about you when they first meet you? well, its your eyes and then smile! We can help you feel more confident in your smile. We have a lot of patients who are embarrassed and won’t show their teeth, but after we give them a smile makeover they won’t stop smiling.

So here the list of top 10 things you can do to improve your smile in the New Year.

# 10 Proper oral hygiene

Keeps your smile healthy and looking beautiful

 # 9 Getting teeth cleaned every 6 months

It’s important to remove that tartar that can cause yellow stain, discoloration and gum inflammation, so come see us every six months!

 #8 Replacing Amalgam Fillings with White Composite Fillings

That black dark spot you see on your teeth, lets get rid of that and get white composite fillings to brighten your smile.

# 7 Wearing a bite guard

Protects your teeth from wear especially in those that are stressed and are clenching and grinding at night. Make sure you get a night guard, we can help in diagnosing the problem and making one for you.

#6 Avoid foods that stain prone and are acidic

Prevent tooth wear, erosion, and reduce risk of dental decay

#5 Teeth Whitening

Easy and fun way to whiten natural teeth, bondings cannot be whitened. Lot of options to get whitening done.

#4 Invisalign

Nice discrete way to straighten any crooked teeth you may have. We provide Invisalign service in our office.

# 3 Cosmetic Gum Surgery

If you have a gummy smile, this surgery can get rid of excess gum tissue and give your teeth a longer look. This is typically done by a periodontist. Ask us for a recommendation.

 #2 Crowns

If you have a broken or cracked tooth, we can restore these with a crown.  on when teeth are compromised with larger old bondings, any cracks, or cavities the tooth may have

 #1 Veneers

Our most favorite way to improve your smile, giving you that dramatic movie star smile! We can get all teeth same color, shade to enhance your esthetics with whiter, more symmetrical looking teeth. We can make veneer for you right here in our office.

And finally, no matter what condition you teeth are, start smiling more often. We all look our best when we are laughing and smiling more often. So, don’t let your dental condition limit your happiness. Believe me, dental treatment can only help you but you have to find reason to smile everyday and be happy.