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Tonight – April 26, 2021 – Pink Supermoon

Contributed by: Elbert Allen

The moon photographed here is brighter and brighter because exactly at the point of its orbit closer to the Earth, the perigee.

Tonight we will see a “Supermoon” in the sky. The full moon will appear at about 11:33pm according to the Farmer’s Almanac. Disappointingly, it will not actually be pink, despite its name, but it will be huge! It is called the Pink Moon because it comes during the flower sprouting season and it is called a “Supermoon” because it occurs at one of the closest points to Earth during its orbit.

Tonight’s Supermoon is one of two that will occur this year, which is coincidentally the number of regular dental checkups you should be scheduling. That makes today the perfect day to schedule your next appointment! Then, after you’ve brushed (and flossed!) your teeth tonight, head outside and check out one of the many beautiful wonders of our nighttime sky.

Enjoy the view!