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Video Top 5 (Five) Mistakes People Make with Their Oral Health (Dr. Sharma & Renae)

In this Dental Spotlight segment from Provident Dentistry, Dr. Saloni Sharma and hygienist Renae discuss most common mistakes they see people make all the time with their oral health. While these mistakes may seem small on its own, when combined  these factors can make matters really worse for people. Please watch the video, here is transcript:

Dr. Sharma: Welcome back to our Dental Spotlight, I am Dr. Sharma from Provident Dentistry.

Renae: I am Renae, I am a hygienist at Canton Park Dental. Today we are going to talk about top 5 mistakes we see patients make time and again, this is a list from dental professionals’ angle! As New Year is getting close, and everyone will make new resolutions, make sure great oral health should be at the top of your list.

Dr. Sharma: Remember, your mouth is gateway to your overall health! So, here we go, starting from the very bottom

Mistake #5. Avoiding X-Rays. We see it all the time, people are quite concerned about radiation from x-ray machines and ask us not to take any X-rays. Without proper x-rays, it’s not possible to do right diagnosis. Keep in mind that digital x-rays emit much lower level of radiation than old school film-based radiation. Good x-ray is absolutely essential to do good diagnosis and do provide treatment in timely manner.



Renae:  Mistake #4 is Not following through on Periodontal Diagnosis. Ok, so you go to a new office and hygienist tells you have periodontal disease, its pretty serious diagnosis. Perio disease is one of the most under-diagnosed condition in our society and one that ultimately leads to bone loss and loss of teeth, not to mention possibly causing other health problems such as heart condition. So, do pay attention if your hygienist diagnoses you with perio condition and please follow through with their recommendation and treatment.


Dr. Sharma: Mistake # 3 is Not keeping up your regular cleaning appointments. Yes, life gets busy – job, kids, school – who has time for regular cleaning! You don’t mean to, but before you know its been two years you went to dentist. There is a reason, we insist on at least six month appointments. This is right amount of time to catch if anything is going wrong and we can catch them early on. So, regular cleaning, early diagnosis and early treatment!


Renae: Mistake # 2 is Visiting dentist only when you are in pain. Ok, this is for people who completely avoid going to dentist and only look for help when they are in pain. You know, dental pain is one of the leading causes for hospital Emergency Room visits. So, again, regular cleaning, completing treatments and you can avoid having to go to Emergency Room for dental pain.


Dr. Sharma: Mistake # 1 is Not investing in your smile!

Renae: Well, we can write an entire one-hour segment on this topic alone but we see so many great patients who just won’t smile or laugh out loud. They are too embarrassed to show their smile, but they don’t want to invest in fixing their smile.

Dr. Sharma: Remember, first you invest and then you reap rewards. Take a leap of faith and invest in your smile, it will change your life. We guarantee it. There is not person in the world who regrets fixing their smile. Can you say that about that $1000 Gucci purse!

Renae: Good karma will happen to you, undoubtedly, once you have a winning smile!

Dr. Sharma: And those are the top five mistakes we see people making every day in our profession.

Renae: Be sure to check out our other video for top ten things to do that ensures you stay on top of your smile game!