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Dental Appliances

Each of our Provident Dentistry locations are equipped with state of the art dental laboratories to help ensure that we can meet all your dental needs. Our highly trained assistants and lab technicians are able to craft dental appliances in-house to ensure a proper fit and reduce the time it takes to deliver the devices to our patients.

Whether you are looking to replace a lost or cracked plastic retainer used to keep your teeth aligned, or you are searching for a thin appliance to protect your teeth while you sleep, we have the solution for you. At all of our locations, we have the ability to craft custom-fit plastic retainers in our office. We will just need to take an impression of your teeth and then our lab assistants will handle the
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Most often, night guards (aka occlusal guard, or bite splint) are recommended for temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction or bruxism (involuntary/habitual grinding of the teeth). During sleep, the guard prevents you from damaging your teeth from clenching or grinding that can be associated with stress, abnormal bite, sleep disorder, or a combination of all three. Wearing the firm plastic guard on a nightly basis will significantly reduce bruxism during the day, help relax the jaw muscles,
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Do you or your children play contact sports? Are you tired of the cheap sports guards sold at sporting goods stores that require boiling? At Provident we can create a custom-fit durable guard to protect your smile. These removable and flexible dental appliances are worn over your teeth and protect you from hits to the face and head. Mouth guards are an important piece of athletic equipment for anyone participating in a sport or recreational
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You may have noticed you are not getting enough rest or feel groggy in the mornings, even though you are sleeping through the night. Or you may be noticing your significant other is snoring or has interruptions in their breathing at night. These could be signs of Sleep Apnea. Sleep Apnea is the obstruction of the airway passages and decreased breathing during sleep. An estimated 18 to 20 million adults in the United States are
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