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Bad Breath Symptoms

Renae and Dr. Sharma talk about bad breath and how to help it.

Bad Breath

Today we’re going to be talking about bad breath which is also called Halitosis.

Bad breath has many causes, the first big one being certain stinky foods like onion or garlic. If you have a social event or something like that to go to, you’re going to want to avoid those foods.

The other thing is dehydration, which can cause a lot of dry mouth. So, make sure you hydrate yourself throughout the day.

Smoking is a big one. Unfortunately the bad breath isn’t going to go away unless you quit. It’s not just coming from your oral cavity, it’s coming from your lungs.

Another one is bad oral hygiene, which is treatable. What happens is, after you eat there are food particles that sit in your mouth, and they collect bacteria. They start to smell, so you want to make sure you’re brushing twice a day for 2 minutes with an electric toothbrush, flossing once daily, and using a tongue scraper, that’s a big one. That’s going to get that bacteria out that’s causing the bad breath.

Dental decay can cause bad breath, if you don’t take care of the decay it can go deeper, it can cause an abscess and that can cause stinky breath.

Along with gingivitis and periodontal disease, those are things your hygienist or dentist can help you with.

There are some medical conditions too, like diabetes, sinus/respiratory infections or GERD/ acid reflux. These can all be a cause of bad breath. Diabetes is a peculiar sweet smell of the mouth, you will have dry mouth as well. In such cases, definitely see your doctor.

A lot of times parents complain that their children have stinky breath. A lot of that is caused by poor oral hygiene. Kids aren’t the best brushes, so they’re going to need guidance.

Tonsil stones can be a big cause of bad breath, so that would warrant a trip to the ENT; of course see your dentist or hygienist first.

We will get to the bottom of it, whether it’s oral hygiene instuctions or a referral to your primary care physician.

Thanks for watching!

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