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Choosing the Right Toothpaste

Renae and Dr. Sharma discuss toothpaste choices and picking the right toothpaste for your family.


Today we’re going to talk about toothbrushes, and toothpaste and we have a hygienist here to talk about them.

There are so many choices in stores these days. We will try to demystify all those options to make it easy making a decision.

In our office the samples we give our patients are Crest. Crest is a good overall brand for people with no major oral condition, such periodontic disease. Crest also has fluoride in it, which is important for your oral health. Crest does not have any Triclosan in it, which is a known pesticide. You want to avoid any product with Triclosan in it. Crest whitening paste works but takes a while to show its effect. Consistency is the key! With Crest ProHealth, some patients complain of stains, but stain in non-permanent form and will go away. Stains are due to Stannous Fluoride in these pastes. Once you stop using the paste these stains will go away. Ask your hygienist if you are concerned. Crest Detoxify paste is good for people with gingivitis and other gum conditions. It has extra anti-bacterial properties to help with those issues.

Colgate is another good brand to use for regular mouth condition. Colgate has Fluoride in it, again very important. Make sure there is no Triclosan in it!

If you have sensitive teeth, or your gums have recession, Sensodyne is very helpful. It does take 2 weeks to take effect so be patient for it to work.

Arm & Hammer works well for people with periodontal condition. It has low acidity which helps suppress bacteria.

Tom’s is a great all natural option for people who want a fluoride-free toothpaste. Tom’s is also free of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. For people who experience canker sores, this is a great option.

We have a lot of patients who have been diagnosed with multiple cavities. what is good for them?

FluoriMax is a prescription-only toothpaste for people with cavity problems. You use it each night to get that extra oomph of protection! You should not eat of drink anything for at least 30 minutes after using FluoriMax.

We can only sample limited products but if you want to ask a question about any product you use, please contact us!

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