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Got Sensitive Teeth?

Dr. Sharma and Renae discuss how to help sensitive teeth

Cold Sensitivity

Tooth Brush

Toothache, Tooth Pain


Today, we’re going to talk about dental sensitivity, which is also called Hypersensitive Dentin. We call it that because when you have worn away part of the enamel you get into the 2nd layer of the tooth called the dentin.

It’s a very common condition, you’ll notice pain to cold things, drinking water, even breathing air, dental cleanings, and ice cream. There are quite a few causes that we should take into consideration. That could be tooth brushing, which if you brush too hard it exposes the dentin. Clenching and grinding, eating and acid reflux. You can even prevent them by proper brushing, which is a soft toothbrush you do a circular movement. You can wear a nightguard to protect the wear and tear of your teeth and avoid acidic food.

Some of the treatments you can do for the sensitive teeth are different mouth rinses with fluoride. Silver Diamine, which is a little solution that we place, in the office. It’s a quick treatment but it has helped a lot. Laser is another one we can do in the office. It’s a few minutes of application with the laser around the sensitive area, it really does help.

If your teeth are too badly damaged, the enamel portion, there are certain things we can do in office, like fillings and crowns. That can restore the teeth and give you some relief even some cosmetic ability there as well. The other is that if you have acid reflux you know when you have this problem, so you can use your whitening trays. Place them in and it will protect your teeth from the acid.

So, talking about silver diamine and laser. We’ve applied it to one of our own. She totally forgot that she had a sensitive tooth with this treatment. So, let’s talk to Kim.


I had been suffering from sensitive teeth for a long time due to grinding. We had tried all sorts of different things, like mouth washes and pastes. There were things that I couldn’t do. It was unfortunate though that I was unable to eat a lot of the foods that I’ve enjoyed, a lot of the cold foods. Dr. Sharma from Provident Dentistry did apply silver diamine here on one of my teeth. Then, on the other one we did laser treatment to see if that would help and then ta-da! It was gone, it has been a long time since I had done the treatment, I completely had forgotten about it. Remember, everyone is different and what works on some may not work on others, but give it a go.

If you’re suffering with any of these, you don’t have to. Give us a call and we’ll help you!

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