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Laser Treatments and What they can Help with

Renae and Dr. Sharma discuss the benefits of laser treatments!

Dental Cleaning

LASER Whitening

Periodontic Treatment


Today we’re going to talk about laser, we’re proud to say at Provident Dentistry. We provide laser treatment to all our patients. It’s quick, and painless. Renae is going to tell us some conditions that we use laser for.

Gingivitis is a common one that people struggle with. So, with proper brushing and flossing the laser will help heal the gingivitis a lot faster, and get rid of the inflammation, and discomfort associated with that.

Another condition is periodontal disease, which is bone loss around the teeth, and inflammation and infection in the gums. We use the laser in between the tooth and the gum. With periodontal disease you form these deep pockets, so we place the laser in between the tooth and the gum, deep in the pocket. It kills about 99% of the bacteria in there, which helps promote healing a lot faster than just the deeper cleanings alone.

Another good thing we use the laser for is tooth desensitization. If you struggle with cleanings, you have some discomfort during your cleanings we can use it prior to cleanings to help with that and sensitivity in general to things like ice cream, so come see us if you struggle with that.

Another thing we use it for is with patients who have TMJ problems. It stimulates the blood supply around the area, it helps a lot if you have any jaw problems or jaw pain. It’s not permanent treatment but it relieves pain right away. we use it a lot for whitening treatments.

It’s an hour to an hour and a half appointment. The whitening itself is about 60 minutes on each arch. When we do the laser whitening you go home with a few trays that you can just touch up your teeth with, but you get good results.

For more information about laser treatments contact Provident Dentistry. We would be happy to answer any of your questions.

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