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Steps involved in a Crown Procedure

Renae and Dr. Sharma discuss the steps involved in a crown procedure and how to care for a crown.

Dental Crowns

Today we’ll be discussing the steps involved in a crown procedure.

A crown is placed on a tooth for a number of reasons such as fractured teeth, cracked tooth syndrome, a large filling, multiple cracks on teeth, root canal treated teeth, a weak tooth. So, there are plenty of reasons that we’ll get into in another video.

What are some of the steps involved in a crown preparation?
Crown preparations can be done in either 1 or 2 visits. The 1 visit procedure is starting and finishing the crown in the same day in the office and the patient walks out with a new crown.
The 2 visit is on the first day the patient walks out with a temporary crown and comes back for the permanent crown. Before the procedure an x-ray is always taken to check for infection at the tip of the root, also the insurance company requires an x-ray to approve the crown. We will also take an intra-oral photo and go over the consent form.

The 1 visit appointment can take a couple of hours or more so be prepared to have a field trip in the dental office. First, we place a topical and then we numb the area. The crown preparation is done by shaping the tooth a couple of millimeters all around in order to make room for the porcelain. Gum tissue is then treated with laser or by packing a cord around the gum so the gum moves away from the tooth structure, so we can capture the margins so we know exactly where the crown fits. Before we scan the tooth we make sure that the area is completely dry so we place a lot of cotton and gauze and then we scan and make sure that we get each and every detail. Once the scanning is done we take the cotton and gauze out so be prepared for a dry mouth. After the scanning is done the cord that was placed is removed. Once the tooth is scanned it is taken over by the lab tech who designs the crown which will take a few minutes. Then it is milled which takes about 15-16 minutes. After it’s milled it is tried on an x-ray to make sure all of the margins are closed and it fits perfect. If something is not right then it is corrected. After the correction is made it’s re-milled and seated, after the crown has been tried and it looks good we put it back in the oven so that it’s glazed. It’s placed in the oven for 12 minutes and then we know it’s ready, after it’s cool we treat the tooth by etching the crown. We prepare the tooth with a bonding and desensitizing agent cement is placed inside the crown and placed on the tooth. We cure that with an ultraviolet light, excess cement is cleaned from around the crown and the tooth. So, those are the steps involved in a 1 visit crown preparation.

The 2 visit is when you send the crown to the lab which is slightly different, the only difference is when the preparation is done, a temporary is placed and it would be around 2-3 weeks to get the permanent crown.

A lot of the time people don’t want to wait in the office for 2-3 hours when we do the same day treatments so they go home with a temporary that lasts for a couple days. If you’re wearing a temporary crown here are some tips on how to care for your temporary crown.
Don’t chew on that side, if you floss, drag the floss through your teeth don’t pull it upwards, don’t chew any hard or sticky foods. If your crown does come off call the office immediately. If you’re unable to come in right away, you can purchase some over the counter temporary cement.
So, to use that and make sure you dry your tooth and the crown with a paper towel place a small amount of cement in the temporary crown and put it back in. Take note to make sure you’re not placing the crown backwards, it’s easy to do.
If you’re unable to purchase the temporary cement from the store, simple toothpaste will suffice. If your temporary crown cracks or breaks call the office immediately, if you have an appointment for the permanent crown in a day or 2 let the office know they may just ask you to wait if there is no pain or sensitivity.

There you have it all the steps and what’s involved in preparation and how to care for your temporary crowns. If you have any questions as always give us a call!

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