Top 5 Mistakes Most People Make with Their Oral Health

In this Dental Spotlight segment from Provident Dentistry, Dr. Saloni Sharma and hygienist Renae discuss most common mistakes they see people make all the time with their oral health. While these mistakes may seem small on its own, when combined these factors can make matters really worse for people.

Dental Cleaning

Today we’re going to talk about the top 5 dental mistakes that we see patients make, from a dental professional’s angle. Remember, your mouth is the gateway to your overall health!

#5. Avoiding X-rays

A lot of time our patients say that they don’t want to get the x-ray’s done because they’re exposed to radiation a lot. Digital x-rays emit much less radiation than the old school way. So, if you do get the x-rays done we can diagnose quicker, and solve problems before they get too advanced.

#4. Not following through on Periodontal Disease

If you go to a new office, and the hygienist/dentist tells you that you have periodontal disease, it’s a pretty serious diagnoses. It’s one of the most under-diagnosed diseases in our country and society. It ultimately leads to bone loss, loss of teeth, and even greater health problems with the heart. So, do pay attention if your hygienist/dentist diagnoses you with periodontal condition, and please follow through with the recommended treatment.

#3. Not keeping up with your regular appointments

Yes, life does get busy – jobs, kids, school, by the time you make an appointment it’s been two years since you went to the dentist. There is a reason that we insist on getting a cleaning every 6 months, it’s the right amount of time to catch things before anything gets way out of hand. So, regular cleanings, early diagnosis, early treatment.

#2. Only coming to the dentist when you’re in pain

This is for people who completely avoid going to the dentist until they have a major problem. Often, they end up in the ER, which is one of the most common visits, with tooth pain. With regular visits, and completing treatment, you can avoid situations that are emergencies.

#1. Not investing in your smile

We see so many great patients that are embarrassed to smile or laugh, but they don’t want to invest in their smile. Remember, first you invest and then you reap the reward. Take a leap of faith and invest in your smile. It will change your life, we guarantee it there is not one person in the world who’ll regret fixing their smile.

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