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What Sugar does to our Teeth

Dr. Sharma and Renae review different foods, and discusses how the high amounts of sugar are effecting us

Tartar & Plaque

Tooth Decay/ Cavity

Did you know that every time you take a sip or bite of something with sugar in it it produces an acid attack on your teeth that lasts for about a half hour? When consuming sugary foods and drinks it’s not the amount that effects the teeth it’s the frequency.

For example if you consume a 2 liter of soda in one sitting you will have an acid attack for about a half hour on your teeth. However, if you sip on one can of Mountain Dew all day long your mouth is constantly having an acid attack. So, if you’re going to consume sugary beverages it’s best to drink it all in one sitting with meals and then let your mouth recover from the acid. It’s important to remember that sugar is sugar in any form even foods we consider healthy such as fruit juice and even plain fruit can attack your teeth.

Here is a list of so here is a list of the top cavity causing foods and drinks from the American Dental Association: Citrus foods, coffee with added sugar, sticky foods, dried fruit, potato chips can get stuck in the grooves of your teeth and cause cavities. Any drinks with sugar including sports drinks and alcohol which can cause dry mouth and leads to cavities. Today we have some items, a cookie which isn’t the best for your teeth so just make sure brush after eating. Fiber bars are good for your stomach but that doesn’t mean they won’t get stuck in your teeth so you’ll want to eat in one sitting and make sure to brush and rinse out after eating. Peanuts are good, they have 1g of sugar a lot of people do a lot of snacking during the day with peanuts, or almonds and when you’re snacking on these foods.

You’ll want to brush right away, carry a brush with you because the food sitting in the grooves of your teeth is what’s causing cavities Mountain Dew is one of the main culprits of cavities we see a lot of patients that have problems with Mountain Dew habits that also have problems with cavities there are 77g of sugar in this bottle, rinsing with water after will help prevent cavities. Premiere Protein has 1g of sugar in it a lot of people love their pretzels and they’re not bad but it’s the sticky carbohydrates that are sticking to your teeth and causing cavities Alcohol can cause dry mouths and cavities if you feel like you’re having trouble with dry mouth we can help you with that M&M’s we know aren’t great either but make sure to brush after eating and you will help prevent cavities.

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