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Dental Implants

High Quality Dental Implants in Novi, Michigan

Dental implants provide a strong foundation for natural-looking teeth replacements. Our doctors use surgical guide to place implants perfectly. Implants are titanium posts that placed into jaw can be used to anchor in crowns, bridges, or dentures. Not only do they function just like natural teeth roots by allowing for bone tissue to fuse onto the post naturally creating a solid foundation to anchor the replacement tooth.

Your new implant will go unnoticeable. With our advanced technology, all teeth look exactly like your natural teeth creating a seamless smile which can improve speech, allow for hard-to-chew foods to be introduced back into your diet and, overall, improve your quality of life – even your confidence!

We have one of the lowest cost of total implant solutions. This may include bone grafting, implants, abutments, and crowns. Call us today to find more.